Ubud is the real heart of Bali. It is located amongst rice paddies and steep ravines and the area surrounding the town is made up of small farms, rice paddies, forests and tourist accommodations. Start visiting it from the morning because it will occur one entire day to visit the most famous attraction. I found … Continue reading Ubud


Once upon a Sunset, Verona | Italy

To celebrate the womenโ€™s day I opted for a visit inside the Arena di Verona (Italy). I was there with some friends of mine (all girls) because, first of all I had never been inside the Arena but above all, because we took advantage of the fact that on this special day the entry was … Continue reading Once upon a Sunset, Verona | Italy

A special sunset spot in Verona | Italy

Hey! Iโ€™m back again with some new photos and a new super nice spot I want you to visit! I was there with my flat mates to hang out but, first of all, because I was craving to see the sunset from Garda Lakeโ€™s riverside. Weโ€™ve been in Bardolino which is like 40/45 minuets far … Continue reading A special sunset spot in Verona | Italy

Greetings from the city of love, Verona |Italy

- October 11st 2017 - Hi guys! I took these photographs from the top of Verona, precisely from Castel San Pietro. I went there at sunset time because I think that in that moment there are the best colors of the day. That view with that kind of light made me understand how a life … Continue reading Greetings from the city of love, Verona |Italy

I’m moving to Verona!

This is a particular post for me because it talks about a big change happened in my life. After I finished the high school I decided to work for a year because I was confuse about what kind of university I want to choose. But now, I'm ready! Ahah I've chosen Cultures and languages for … Continue reading I’m moving to Verona!

Discovering Sella Pass, Dolomiti | Italy

Buongiorno! And welcome back to my gallery. Today's shots are about Sella Pass which is, in my opinion, one of the best pass here in Dolomiti in terms of beauty and view. It's amazing. Actually my favorite one. I took these photos during a stroll from Sella Pass to Rifugio Emilio Comici. Hope you enjoy … Continue reading Discovering Sella Pass, Dolomiti | Italy