London Tour – Where to start

Our tour started from Westminster where we visited and took pictures at the London Eye and surroundings. The Big Ben unfortunately was closed and covered cause of works in action. (IT) Il nostro Tour di Londra รฉ partito da Westminster, qui potrete vedere la famosa ruota panoramica Coca Cola London Eye, passeggiare sul Tamigi e […]

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Getaway in London #Day1

After more than 3 years I’m finally back in London! This time has been a special one. Even though I lived in London and I know it well, this time has been different, I visited the city like it was my first time, with the eyes of a child instead of an adult just because […]

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Run fast, life is one .

When your life is getting crazy, time moves quickly, the days are passing by and you are unconscious even of yourself. Everything happens without any kind of reason. Your heart is full of hundreds of feelings and you become a junkie of your own life. Sometimes the most unexpected people surprise you . Some places […]

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