An Afternoon in Potsdam

In the southwest of the German capital there is the city of Potsdam, an important cultural and artistic German center. It is well know also with the nome of ” German Versailles” due to the numerous palaces and parks used as residences by Prussian Kings. In my opinion, to visit Potsdam has been a really […]

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Teide Volcano | Essential Advices

Do not try adventuringย  Teide volcanoย  before being well informed and first of all, before having read this article! Jokes beside, If you want to explore Mount Teide you have to plan it some days or even months before. In this case sentences like “I won’t plan anything but just enjoy my Holiday” or “Unexpected […]

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Bali’s curiosities : 5 Things you probably didn’t know

Bali is a mixture of sensations and culture. During my trip around the island, the thing that impressed me the most have been the people , their infinite kindness , customs and faith. Bali’s curiosities are super interesting; I absolutely recommend you to come here at least once in a lifetime to have the possibility […]

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