11 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Christmas

Siamo ormai nel bel mezzo del mese di Dicembre, il giorno di Natale si avvicina e la caccia al regalo perfetto diventa sempre più difficile! Ma non preoccupatevi, perché in questo articolo troverete qualche idea regalo da cui prendere ispirazione. Per quest’anno però ho pensato a qualcosa di diverso, qualcosa che possa sorprendere, divertire ma […]

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Getaway in London #Day1

After more than 3 years I’m finally back in London! This time has been a special one. Even though I lived in London and I know it well, this time has been different, I visited the city like it was my first time, with the eyes of a child instead of an adult just because […]

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24 Hours in Milan

I can consider this day as one of the most particular things I’ve done in my life! Some friends and I have organized a visit in Milan from the morning till the night. We took the bus from Verona in the morning and within two hours we arrived in Milan. Everything started with a pretty […]

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