Greetings from the city of love, Verona |Italy

– October 11st 2017 –

Hi guys! I took these photographs from the top of Verona, precisely from Castel San Pietro. I went there at sunset time because I think that in that moment there are the best colors of the day. That view with that kind of light made me understand how a life deserve to be lived.

When you change life, when you grow up, when you are young and invincible there are moments that you will never forget and this it has been one of them.

I was looking at the panorama in front of me and I finally felt my self happy.

I hope you will visit Verona one day, I hope you will feel the same feelings I felt in front of that beauty and I hope I will meet you while you’re looking at the sunset and you’re feeling the most alive.

Big hugs



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