Recycling: the most common errors

Recycling, to be effective, has to be done in the correct way.
Keep in mind that, for example,
1,000 tonnes of recycled plastic save 3,500 tonnes of oil;
15 trees and 440,000 litres of water are needed to obtain just 1 tonne of virgin cellulose, while for a 1 ton of recycled paper only 1,800 liters of water and no tree gets cut.

So please, if you have even the slightest doubt on how to throw a particular object, consult this guide or make a fast research on the internet.
Our choices and habits can really make the difference for saving our planet.

How many times have you asked yourself, how do I throw this?

I made a quick research, and I figured out that every Country and even every municipality has its own recycling instructions.
For example, where I live, every day of the week the trash removal service come to take a certain waste, therefore each house has its own specific bins:

  •  Paper;
  •  Plastic and cans;
  •  Glass;
  •  Organic/compost;
  •  Mixed waste

In addiction, there is an app that help me to know where I have to throw packagings by scanning their bar codes.
So, before start recycling, check the right instructions provided by your municipality and the services they can provide for you.

Usually, people make these kind of mistakes:

1 .  Tetra pak in the mixed
The recycling of containers in Tetra Pak varies, as I already told you, from one Municipality to another. You will have to throw the Tetra Pak packaging together with paper or plastic, depending on the regulations in force.
In my village, I have to remove the plastic cap and put it together with the plastic, and throw the Tetra Pak packaging in the paper bin.
You will need to rinse and crush each container in Tetra Pak before throwing it away, so that no food residue remains inside.
tetrapakTetra oak 1

2 . The dirty pizza box in the paper
Throwing the dirty pizza box in the paper bin is a really big mistake! The quality of recycled paper is falling dramatically. In many cases it even destroys the entire recycling process or, at least, a large part of it.
If you have a little bit of patience, with the scissors you can cut the clean pieces and throw them into the paper container, otherwise, throw all the box into the undifferentiated.

pizza boxpizza box 23 .  Silver paper in the mixed
Aluminum is absolutely recyclable. Silver paper, trays and cans should be rinsed to remove food residues and placed in the appropriate bins, following the various provisions of your Municipality: sometimes along with glass, others along with plastic, others have a separate and specific collection.
The instructions of my Municipality are to throw the clean silver paper, trays and cans all together into the plastic bin.

carta stagnolasilver paper 14 . Receipts in the paper 
Receipts should not be thrown in the paper. Unfortunately, they are not recyclable. They are printed on chemical paper that cannot be recovered. You will therefore have to throw them in the mixed waste bin.
It would be nice if they were printed on recycled and recyclable paper.

scontriniSCONTRINI 1

5 . Glasses, mirrors and ceramics in the glass bin
This is another very common mistake. When a glass, a mirror, a ceramic plate or cup break, the pieces are thrown by instinct into the glass. However, these are materials that cannot be recycled. It should be remembered that the recycling of glass is intended only for packaging, not for other objects. So yes to bottles and jars of glass, but no to glasses and other objects, which will have to be thrown in the mixed or in the specific bin depending on the regulation in force around your Municipality.

vetri rotti 1



I understand that all this bins could be visually not so beautiful, but no stress, I thought about this too!
I show you here below some nice ideas of bins organization:

I hope this article will be useful and help you to resolve any kind of doubt.
Let me know if you like it in the comment below!
Big hugs,
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