Eco-Friendly Gift : 10 Ideas for Christmas

eco-friendly gift

We are in the middle of December already, Christmas is getting closer and the perfect gift hunt is every day more and more difficult. But don’t worry about that, because in this article you will find eco-friendly gift ideas to make your Christmas super original!
Indeed, this year I thought about something different, something that could surprise, amuse but also reflect.
So, for this particular section of the blog couldn’t miss 10 eco-friendly gift ideas.

1. Bathroom Kit
Essential for all those who love relaxing and taking care of their own body. I give you below some links where to buy the complete kit or even the single objects  for putting them all together as you prefer.

Where to buy it:

Prices : €20-€60

2. Studio Kit
Great for those who work in the office, for students or simply for those who love writing. Go and have fun looking for bamboo organizers, notebooks, pens and objects. Everything is eco-friendly and super cool.

Where to buy them :

Prices : €10 – €40

3. Kitchen Utensils Kit
If you want to do a great gift to someone who loves to spend hours over the cooker this is the right option for you.

Where to buy them :

Fascia di prezzo – Prices : €20 – €80


4. Make-up
For make-up lovers there’s nothing better then a totally eco-friendly palette made up of natural components and no tested on animals.

Where to buy them :

Prices : €15 – €40

5. Wood Toys
Try to go back in time and give to the kids wooden games.

Where to buy them :

Prices : €30 – €120

Organic and recycled, these bags are durable and resistant to any content.

Where to buy them :

Prices:  €12 – €35

7. Travel Kit
Definitely a great gift for who travels a lot and loves to spend time abroad.

Where to buy them :

Prices : €20 – €50


8. Wood Swatch
If you are looking for an original gift, these swatches are your solution. 

They are wooden swatches and avoiding leather coverings, their resources waste is minimal. Manufacturing leather is very pollutant and damages air and water.

Where to buy them :

 Prices : €40 – €180


9.Concert tickets
An alternative and unexpected idea. If you well know the preferences of a particular person, with a concert ticket of his or her favorite singer you surely won’t go wrong!

Where to buy them :

Prices :€35 – €200


10. Natural Candles
Candles to light on in special occasion or just for relaxing at home while it’s raining outside.

Where to buy them :

Prices  : €3 – €20


11. (Extra Gift) Time together
Finally, there’s no better gift then the time spent together with the people you love.


I hope these ideas will be useful and will inspire you. Write me in the comments below if you will buy one of these gifts and let me know if your family or friends will like them!
Happy holidays everyone!
Big hugs,



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