Getaway in London #Day1

After more than 3 years I’m finally back in London!

This time has been a special one. Even though I lived in London and I know it well, this time has been different, I visited the city like it was my first time, with the eyes of a child instead of an adult just because this time I wasn’t alone.

Romanticism apart,


We left Italy in the morning from Verona to Stansted Airport .

We arrived in London, Liverpool Street at about 2pm, our room booked through AirB&B was ready only at 4pm, so we decided to have lunch in one restaurant that became my favorite one in a while!

Lunch at Cecconi’s Pizza , absolutely recommended !!

After our delicious lunch in Soho, we just walked around and visited this area that is amazing and then we went home to rest.

This is Bethnal Green, in the second zone of London. The position is very strategic because with just one stop with the tube you can arrive in the centre of London.

To perfectly end this day we spent the night with some friends.

I hope you like this post and the others day will be up soon!!

For any questions and advices don’t hesitate to ask !

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