I’m moving to Verona!

This is a particular post for me because it talks about a big change happened in my life. After I finished the high school I decided to work for a year because I was confuse about what kind of university I want to choose. But now, I’m ready! Ahah I’ve chosen Cultures and languages for publishing because I love the world, I love to travel and I love languages a lot so my greatest passions should be heard ahaha!

So that’s why now I’m moving to Verona. It’s a beautiful city and I can also imagine my life there, thus I think to have done the right choice, I hope so at least!

I’m super excited right now, I really can’t wait to go there and start a new life. It’s remind me London sometimes because I lived there and it has been the best period of my life so I hope this experience will be too.

See you soon guys and don’t forget to subscribe on my YouTube channel too see more content.

Big hugs,

Hopebelle ūüĖ§


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Work and Traveling the world

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