Barcelona in the weekend #Day 1

We woke up at 5AM to be at the airport within 8AM. I couldn’t  wait to leave for Barcelona becouse I’had never been there and I was super excited!

The flight left at 8:30 AM and although the clouds, the sky was insanely amazing. I love  to take photos on the airplane ahah.

And yes, after an hour and half we arrived in Barcelona! The hotel was near La Barceloneta district so our first step has been the beach.

We had lunch with a taste acai bowl in a really cute place along the promenade.

Instead in the afternoon we got a simple visit at La Sagrada Familia, one of the most famous monument here in Barcelona.

This first day here has been so full of everything that in the evening I was so happy but at the same time really tired! I walked like never before ahah. To have dinner we went in a restaurant becouse I should try paella!

Paella was lovely, so much that I even forgot to gave it a shot ahah.

That’s all for the first day spent in Barcelona. Can’t wait to show you the others.

See you soon,

Love, Hopebelle.


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