Morning out in da city , Bolzano 

20th February 2017,

Hello my friends! This morning I had some hours off from work and I went to Bolzano for a relaxing walk and for recording a new vlog. Bolzano is the nearest city from where I am now and it is also the place where I was born so it’s always a pleasure for me to come back in my leisure time. 

I had a lovely cappuccino at a Loacker point and then I allowed my self visit some shops… just to keep me in health.

Ya, that’s all. I give you the link for watching this morning vlog ➤ Click Here 

And below I uploaded some shots as a preview of what you are going to see. 

I hope you like it and let me know it by commenting your opinion below. I really need your support! 

Thanks for watching,



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